The Future of Transportation

Bring on the scooters! Also a lot of other stuff.

Kaique Rocha via Pexels

The Vision

The Subscription

Uber and Lyft are partway there, but, as these service become more integrated into the transportation systems of urban centers, their business model will have to be adjusted.

Offering a subscription or a set of tiered subscriptions should be the end goal. Perhaps 20 rides a month for $175 or unlimited rides for $400. Even with surplus charges for additional miles or discounts for ride-sharing, both options are less than what most people pay cumulatively for costs associated with their personal vehicle monthly. The pattern of subscription options will likely be reminiscent of the cellular data subscriptions with tiers that change as the infrastructure expands and adoption increases.

Eventually, this can expand to include unlimited access to the scooter network as a stand alone or bundled option (ie $40 and $25 per month respectively). Lastly, it can include geographic specific public transportation options as additional bundles or stand alone options.

Bringing all of these together under a single system would be the best way to move forward.

The Methods

Autonomous, Electric Cars

Electric cars are environmentally cleaner, safer, and will prove more economical to maintain at scale than internal combustion engines. Creating a fleet of autonomous vehicles that are ran out of hubs for charging, cleaning, and maintenance will be the best way to deploy these new vehicles to markets and make them available to customers.

Last Mile

Public Transport

This will require major investment and overhaul, but it can be done. It has been done in many other places. We just need to find the will and the desire to do it.



The largest hurdle to convergence is the integration of public transportation into the system. Perhaps it will be similar to MoviePass and will be abstracted away from the public transport systems themselves. Or maybe it will be fully integrated. Either way, it will be a welcome addition.

Thoughts on Parking

The Future of Personal Vehicles

This is the future I want and hope to live in.

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