Pistol Braces are Now Banned!— A Thought Exercise

First — What Is a Brace?

Man firing a pistol with a brace as intended

The Poor Tax

The New Felons

The Begrudgingly Law-Abiding Citizens

Braced AK Pistol.
Braced AK Pistol 🚫
AK Pistol Without Brace
AK Pistol Without Brace 👍🏼
AK Rifle with Barrel Permenant Extension
AK Rifle with Permanent Barrel Extension 👍🏼

Crushed American Companies

Poor Californians

California Title 1 “Other”
California Title 1 “Other”
Pour one out of the CA homies

International Arms Manufacturers

CZ Bren 2 pistol with brace
CZ Bren 2 pistol with 14" barrel and brace

To Be Fair




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Austin Gerald

Austin Gerald

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