An updated viewpoint

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I published The “Gun Show Loophole” in summer of 2019. This was right as my interest in firearms was being rekindled. With time, my opinion, viewpoint, and knowledge have all changed, and this update is to restate my position and offer a new solution.

The Original (Flawed) Solution

The original solution that I advocated for, that passed the House as HR-8, and that is currently pending in the Senate is to require private firearms sales to utilize an FFL to perform a background check.

This proposal is fundamentally flawed because there is no mechanism for enforcement.

Requiring private transactions to pass…

An exploration of practical implications if all pistol braces are reclassified as stocks a la the Honey Badger by Q.

With the stroke of a pen millions of law abiding citizens that bought or built a “pistol” would now be in possession of a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR).

What then?

First — What Is a Brace?

Pistol Stabilizing Braces are firearm accessories designed to allow easier manipulation of pistols.

Man firing a pistol with a brace as intended

These are useful on pistols because any firearm with a stock and a barrel length of less than 16" is an SBR which requires a $200 Tax Stamp and registration under the National Firearms Act.

Thoughts from a gun owning Liberal.

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I consider myself politically Liberal, and I like guns.

I own 12 guns at last count and supported Bernie in ’16.

I have an Elizabeth Warren sticker on my truck and a gun under the back seat of the same truck.

I grew up hunting and shooting in rural, southern Mississippi and support Medicare for All, Free College, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, etc.

I have bought guns without a background check, built a “ghost gun”, own more than a few “assault weapons + high capacity magazines”, have purchased a suppressor (still waiting due to regulation), and I think America’s gun laws…

A real issue caught up in a game.

Private vendor booth at a gun show.
Private vendor booth at a gun show.

EDIT: I have an updated viewpoint that supersedes this one. View it here.

If you listen to people talk about the “Gun Show Loophole” you’ll hear 2 things:

“We need to close it.”


“It doesn’t exist!”

Both sides of this argument are flawed however.

One side is playing a game of distraction, and the other side is too busy playing the game to do anything.

First Some Facts:

  1. FFLs (holders of a Federal Firearms License) are gun dealers. They are required to run background checks on every firearms sale they facilitate.
  2. Most vendors at…

Bring on the scooters! Also a lot of other stuff.

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The Vision

The future should be an all-encompassing, subscription-based model that is the convergence of on-demand transportation provided by a network of autonomous, electric cars; a last mile transportation network of small, personal, electric vehicles; and a robust public transportation option.

The Subscription

Owning a car is a pain. Car payment, maintenance, insurance, fuel, and parking are all necessary to have the “freedom” a car provides. Car ownership and maintenance is a burden, especially on people with a low or fixed income. …

Austin Gerald

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